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Your decoration is as unique as you.
For our team, the design is never an end in itself. It is a mode of expression that is used to communicate its values and vision and to unify form and functions.

Objective Design.
We imagine furniture designed to be both beautiful and functional, to meet some idea that we ourselves design: living design.

Focus on artists and Designers

Partnership designers, architects and designers:
> Media Consulting Studio: Office of study and design located in Switzerland.
-Study and office design, creation, renovation, studies and development of habitat, interior architecture and furniture design.
-Our Assembly of prototypes workshop realizes your models/models in exact compliance with the specifications proposed.
-Engineering and electronic design specializes in the design, production and the production of cards and electronic systems for the automation of Interior.

> BaySeasons Design: What is the London design? According to the team of designers of BaySeasons located in London, the answer to this question lies more in the taking into account of a philosophical and aesthetic perspective in geography or nationality considerations. The range of products extends fixtures, to the art of the table, furniture for the home, Garden, well-being, and decorative objects. BaySeasons Collection a global success...

> Urban Design Miami: Architecture and contemporary furniture - USA.
The Miami Design District is a neighborhood in Miami dedicated to fashion, design and architecture, with ambition to make the temple of creativity and luxury. The Miami Design District is a neighborhood that lives at the pace of events. There are several art galleries where mingle exhibitions of photos, paintings and sculptures, decoration shops ultra trends with the latest designs of leading international designers, brands stores the most popular of the time such as Christian Louboutin, Dior, Louis Vuitton or Hermes and many others still.

> Neoflame Design: Design office is constantly seeking new ideas that result from the comparison with international artists for a unique passion: objects, design, art, and to provide a fast and reliable service around the world.
Design, accessibility, functionality, simplicity, innovation, sustainability, quality, and service. At Univeco, we make our products worldwide to offer you best quality materials associated with the best designs. Here are the terms that define us and set us apart, driven by values that push us to work every day to offer you what is better. They are integrated in the DNA of each of our team members and inspire our dreams that we transform in reality thanks to you.

> Independent designers: Their talent is exercised in areas as diverse as industrial design, graphic design, fashion and of course architecture interior. It's an ideas agency that operates in the areas graphic design, product design and scenography.
The design is an attitude, a way of life that affects many areas. In each of these worlds that our creativity speaks with the more poetry and practicable.

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Expert from the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, Garden, and well-being.