Trotec 1500 ° C measuring Temperature IC125LV thermal imaging camera

Caméra Thermique Trotec IC125LV de Mesure de Température 1500 °C View larger

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Thermal camera Trotec 1500 ° C Temperature measuring IC125LV.
Modern thermal camera for the beaches of measuring temperature up to + 1500 ° C.

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Thermal camera Trotec 1500 ° C Temperature measuring IC125LV.
Modern thermal camera for the beaches of measuring temperature up to + 1500 ° C.

The IC125LV thermal imaging camera made in EU offers you everything you expect from a thermal camera compact professional. Electronic and clever functions, smart mobility concept, excellent value for money.

Images in real time: so that don't miss a thing you.
The sensors of the IC125LV advanced technology allows to identify at all times the smallest change in temperature.

The new type of detector 384-x-288 has 110 592 points of measurement of temperature independent, which each recorded values of current temperature of the object measured nearly sixty times per second and displays them on a large LCD screen.

Thanks to the high refresh rate no image, no important Thermographic information, are forgotten and so each thermogram is represented in real-time.

Only a scanning frequency of 50 Hz ensures a fatigue-free work and accurate measurements, even on moving objects.

Extreme precision even at high temperatures.
IC125LV camera with 1.1 mrad for geometric resolution and 0.05 ° C thermal sensitivity guarantees for each measure a precise thermogram in real time - down to the beaches of temperature measurement high + 1500 ° C.

The camera also allows analyses of sectors and differential measures up to eight points of temperature measurement, mobile, all configurable individually. In addition, it is possible to display values defined limits personally thanks to an alarm function or function insulated by means of a special color or an alarm, ideal for dew point detection surfaces!

The laser-sight integrated facilitates rapid location of critical areas, while the built-in recognition of extremes you don't have to search for the hottest or coldest point on the image.

Because of the short minimum focus distance of only 50 cm, it is possible to analyze with precision objects in the vicinity.

DuoVision more - your advantage for performances of contrast-rich images.
A digital camera of 5 megapixels allows shooting sharp visible images which can be superimposed in real-time to infrared photos using picture in picture DuoVision more:

DuoVision more combines the information of the infrared images with contrasting details of the spectrum of visible light of the real images of the camera to represent a very detailed merger of thermograms on the screen of the camera. Advantage: Easier orientation, location and assessment during the measurement.

In addition, it is possible to also record complete infrared videos directly on the IC125LV: the choice of no radiometric on the SD card or fully radiometric IR video on a PC using upgrade Realtime software available as an option and via a USB connection.

The handling is even more flexible: the capacitive touchscreen allows you to adapt this thermal camera to the situation and ordered by the keyboard keys or the large 3.5 inch touchscreen.

Analysis software of high quality with the ability to upgrade for interpreting and fully radiometric IR video recording in real time on the PC.

The software supplied with the IC125LV isn't just a simple tool to transfer or display, but a professional program that includes many features for analysis, organization and documentation of measurement results.

The function DuoVision more than the software offers an option of fusion of infrared and real images as thermograms with intensified contours. Images DuoVision more taken and recorded in this way unite the radiometric image information with the contrast of the image details and enable better analysis and a more professional documentation.

The optionally available Realtime extension allows the thermographs to synchronously fully radiometric infrared videos of their camera IC on a PC in order to interpret them and save them directly in real time by a software.
A way to perfect analysis, for example to study in detail the thermal behavior of the electronic and mechanical components or other objects during a defined period.

Technical characteristics
General information
Item number:
Temperature (° C)
Range [° C] min.:-20
Range Max [° C]: 1 500
Maximum precision: ±2 ° C/±2%
Radiometric images
Sensor type: Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
8-14 µm spectral range: standard equipment
Resolution of the detector 384 x 288 pixels: standard equipment
7.5-14 µm spectral range: not available
[30 ° C] thermal sensitivity: 0.05 ° C
Scanning frequency: 50/60 Hz
Spatial resolution: 1.1 mrad
Standard lens: 24 ° x 18 °
Minimum focus distance: 0.10 m
Angle of view (FOV): 24 ° x 18 °
3.5 "LCD: standard equipment
Color: standard equipment
Visual images (digital camera integrated)
Video standard: PAL
Standard lens: 24 ° x (21)
Focus min. distance: 0.5 m
USB 2.0: standard equipment
Composite Video (Video-Out): standard equipment
Current network - 4.2-4.8 V DC: standard equipment
Micro-USB: standard equipment
BNC: not available
RS-232: not available
Bluetooth: optionally available
Power supply
By battery (Li-ion): standard equipment
Supply voltage [V AC]: not available
Power consumption [W] heating: not available
Power consumption [W] camera: not available
Via LAN (PoE): Not available
By the network current 4.2-4.8 V DC: optionally available
12V, 3A (cigarette lighter): optionally available
Approx. 2.5 h: standard equipment
Tactile function:
Push buttons:
By joystick-control unit:
Via PC (by software):
Organization of memory
Storage medium: memory removable microSD card slot:
Radiometric file format: format 14 bit IR:
Visual file format: CCD
No radiometric Thermographic video file format: not available
Voice recording: available as an option
Ambient conditions
Operation - temperature [° C] min.:-15
Operation - temperature Max [° C]: 50
Stock - Temperature [° C] min.:-40
Stock - Temperature [° C] maximum: 70
Humidity relative min. [%]: 10
Humidity (without condensation) maximum [%] relative: 95
Index of protection
IEC 529 IP54: standard equipment
IP66: not available
IP69: not available
MIL - STD - 810G: not available
25 G IEC 68-2-29: standard equipment
30 G IEC 68-2-29: not available
2 G IEC 68-2-6: standard equipment
2.5 G IEC 68-2-6: not available
Type: Semiconductor AlGalnP 1 mw laser Diode / 635 nm Red
"Classification" (Classification): class 2
Wavelength [µm]: 635
Models of enclosures
Plastic: standard equipment
Length (without package) [mm]: 230
Width (without package) [mm]: 80
Height (without package) [mm]: 195
(without packaging) [kg]: 0.65
Content of standard delivery
Thermal camera with standard Optics: standard equipment
Lens protection Cap: standard equipment
Certificate of control temperature: standard equipment
Standard software package: standard equipment
SD card reader: standard equipment
MicroSD memory card: standard equipment
Video cable: standard equipment
USB cables: standard equipment
Interchangeable lens IC - L series 24 ° x 18 ° /-LV (standard equipment): standard equipment
Tripod (1/4 "- 20 standard housing): standard equipment
Clamp foot: standard equipment
Accu Li - ion: standard equipment
Charger battery with charge display: standard equipment
Carrying case: standard equipment
Operating manual: standard equipment
Cable connection with edge voltage socket (cigarette lighter): not available
Bluetooth headset: not available
Power supply for network cable: not available

Measurable quantities and functions.
Internal sensors
Surface temperature [° F]: standard equipment
Surface temperature [° C]: standard equipment
Features and equipment
DuoVision more, handset display IR image representation and the outline of the actual image: standard equipment
Alarm function (acoustic) in case of exceeding of the freely configurable temperature values: standard equipment
Measurement range 2 beaches: standard equipment
Image display (pseudocolor, 6 color palettes): standard equipment
IR images display options: standard equipment
View actual image option: standard equipment
Up to 5 mobile measurement points (4 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): standard equipment
Up to 9 mobile measurement points (8 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): standard equipment
Transmission of data by USB: standard equipment
Measurement of gaps: standard equipment
Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0: standard equipment
Economy - custom mode: v
Freeze mode: standard equipment
Insulated measurement - limit values between upper and lower functions: standard equipment
Automatic adjustment of the contrast and brightness: standard equipment
Laser pointer: standard equipment
Profile analysis: standard equipment
Tripod socket: standard equipment
The tripod mounting: standard equipment
Status display: standard equipment
Automatic adjustment of the temperature range: standard equipment
Correction of automatic measure based on the settings made by the user for the ambient temperature, the distance and relative humidity: standard equipment
Correction of automatic measure based on settings defined by the user in the object temperature reflected: standard equipment
Integrated digital camera: standard equipment
Built-in lights: standard equipment
Possibility of manual adjustment of brightness and contrast: standard equipment
Manual focus: standard equipment
Digital Zoom 10 x (adjustable in steps of 0.1): not available
1 x digital zoom: not available
2 x digital zoom: not available
Alarm via Intranet or Internet message: not available
Auto focus: not available
Measurement range 1 range: not available
Measure 5 beaches Beach: not available
Up to 10 mobile measurement points (9 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): not available
Up to 2 mobile measuring points (1 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): not available
Up to 4 mobile measurement points (3 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): not available
Up to 6 mobile measuring points (5 x manual and 1 x automatic monitoring of temperature): not available
Display the distance to the object directly in the thermogram (m or inch): not available
Color: gray and reverse gray: not available
Update fixed: not available
Remote control of camera with the binocular module via the Extender: not available
Editing by 1/4 inch - 20 records: not available
(Triple averaging) noise reduction: not available
Recording of IR individual images not radiometric directly on the SD card: not available
Record videos no radiometric MPEG 4 IR format directly on the SD card: not available
Saving fully radiometric JPEG images: not available
Remote-controlled software system: not available
Temperature balancing: not available
Binocular module with the diopter adjustment and Blinder: not available
Grayscale high resolution OLED: not available
Integrable in TCP/IP networks: not available
Integrated heating elements for temperatures of use up to-35 ° C: not available
Power tilt and built-in viewfinder with diopter adjustment (800 x 480 pixels): not available
Monocular module with the diopter adjustment and Blinder: not available
Motorized focus: not available
Voice recording: available as an option
Warranty: 2 years

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